Delmont Tornado Aftermath

We participated in a clean up effort in the tornado-ravaged town of Delmont, SD. Only a few days previous on Mother’s Day, a category EF2 tornado completely destroyed half of the already tiny town. In the way only a tornado can do, the havoc was complete. One of the only salvageable items we saw was a photo album cast in the mud. Photographs—they’re the only things that remain to remind us of what once was. It strikes us as a miracle that no one was killed, because, from the looks of it, everyone in the path of this twister should not have survived due to the sheer scale of the destruction wrought there. We will donate all our footage to the town for their historical society.

Great Plains Zoo

We had a grand time filming at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Seeing the beautiful animal sanctuary from above was a real treat. The animals thought it was neat too! Among the more curious animals were the snow monkeys and the bear. In fact, the bear got almost too close for comfort! Let’s just say that we have a skilled pilot who can add flying away from a bear’s claw to his résumé!


Discovery Channel – Daily Planet

If you live in Canada—or have an internet connection anywhere in the world—you may have watched a recent episode of Discovery Channel’s Canadian news show, Daily Planet, and recognized a certain, unique camera perspective. On May 5th, a 5 minute segment aired called, “Tower Climber,” all about our climber friend, Kevin Schmidt (as seen on our viral YouTube video “1500′ TV Tower”), and made visually awesome by yours truly (and Doug Lee at Doug Lee Pictures). Watch by clicking play on the video player (or click the link below it to view it at the Discovery website): (External link to:

Most people get pretty nervous right away… They think I’m crazy; they think I’m insane.
-Kevin Schmidt