Garretson Straight-line Winds

We visited the mayor of Garretson, SD to view the damage done to his town by the wild weather of the prairie. 100+ mph straight-line winds are said to be responsible for the destruction in town, which even included homes with roofs blown right off the walls! All the footage has been donated to the town’s historical society through the mayor’s office.

See some highlights from our day at

Trail King

From time to time Trail King Industries in Mitchell, SD produces a trailer so enormous that the only way to really comprehend it is to view it from the air. So, naturally, they called the aerial videography experts to come in and do their work justice. And the results are tremendous.

University of Sioux Falls

Today we were out at the beautiful campus of the University of Sioux Falls. The campus’ beauty comes in large part from the abundance of huge trees. They’re beautiful to look at, that is, but they’re very tricky to fly through. Nonetheless, the day was perfect and flying great—the perfect combination for great-looking footage!