White Lake Windfarms

Another successful day of filming and flying with great people at a great place. It’s been a dream of ours here at Prairie Aerial to get up close and personal with those modern marvels of clean energy—wind turbines that stand over 300 feet tall! To get the beauty of those structures, however, a good wind needs to be blowing. That spells awesome motion for the wind turbines but difficult flying for the drone pilot! Blessedly, everything worked out just fine, and the result is more beautiful than we ever imagined.


Great Plains Zoo

We had a grand time filming at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Seeing the beautiful animal sanctuary from above was a real treat. The animals thought it was neat too! Among the more curious animals were the snow monkeys and the bear. In fact, the bear got almost too close for comfort! Let’s just say that we have a skilled pilot who can add flying away from a bear’s claw to his résumé!