Discovery Channel – Daily Planet

If you live in Canada—or have an internet connection anywhere in the world—you may have watched a recent episode of Discovery Channel’s Canadian news show, Daily Planet, and recognized a certain, unique camera perspective. On May 5th, a 5 minute segment aired called, “Tower Climber,” all about our climber friend, Kevin Schmidt (as seen on our viral YouTube video “1500′ TV Tower”), and made visually awesome by yours truly (and Doug Lee at Doug Lee Pictures). Watch by clicking play on the video player (or click the link below it to view it at the Discovery website): (External link to:

Most people get pretty nervous right away… They think I’m crazy; they think I’m insane.
-Kevin Schmidt


KWTV Oklahoma City Dismantling

Just got back from Oklahoma City where we shot the take down of a very historic structure. The KTWV Oklahoma City tower was dedicated by Johnny Carson in the 1950’s as the world’s tallest structure—the first to surpass the Empire State Building at the time. Though the weather was cloudy and rainy, the footage ended up looking as great as the tower was once tall.